Careers and Employability Service shortlisted for award


    The University of Kent has noticed that they have shortlisted their Careers and Employability Service (CES) for the award‘Preparation for work by Higher Education – Overall Strategy’ alongside the University of Leicester and the Imperial College London..

    The way in which CES approaches the preparation for work as an overall strategy the award is focused on rather than for a single initiatives.Careers and Employability Service shortlisted for award

    It is given to Higher Education institutions for outstanding commitment to improving the employability and long-term career success of their graduates across a wide range of activities.

    For the CES team who have been shortlisted for two awards at the National Undergraduate Employability Awards,this is the third nomination this year.

    Tim Reed, Head of Careers and Employability said:

    “These award nominations underline the impact many of our new initiatives are having. We can see from the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey that more and more of our graduates are going on to professional employment. We are very proud of the work that we do in CES and it is uplifting to be recognized publicly by our peers for this effort.”

    It will be announced on Thursday, 19 March that who have been winner and alongside the awards for graduate recruiters,recognizing the work they do in supporting the transition from university to the world of work.

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