How to act more confident


Let’s be real here, no matter how confident you are, there are always those intimidating situations where we could all use a little help. Be it your first interview or your first presentation, here are a few pointers that can help you.

Dress well

No, you don’t have to be dressed in million-dollar designer clothes to appear confident, but if you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you are more likely to give out a positive vibe. There’s no denying that appearance does make a difference, and looking sharp indeed creates the impression of a more amicable personality. Not only appearance, but maintaining a good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, also contributes to the aspect.

Improve your posture

Stand straight and walk with your shoulders pulled back, and while standing balance your weight across both feet so that you can be still. Slouching, and even fidgeting are often associated with anxiety, which automatically makes you unconfident.

Change your body language

Too much hand movement can appear anxious, but when done right, hand gestures can be a vital part of the process. Keeping your arms at waist level, make most of your gestures within that region to seem bolder. Also, slightly lean in while listening to others. This gives people the impression that you are interested, and makes you seem more confident.

Shake hands firmly

A firm handshake instantly makes you more approachable. Grip the other person’s hand firmly, and maintain eye contact. A good handshake shouldn’t last longer than 2-3 seconds. For those of you with sweaty palms, keep a tissue to wipe off the sweat before shaking hands.

Speak slowly and clearly

Take a moment to organise your thoughts before you start speaking to avoid stammering or jumbling up words. This will not only relax you, but it will also make you seem confident and in charge. Moreover, it will help other people understand what you are saying better and will induce a genuine interest from others in the topic.

Smile often

A natural smile can instantly make you seem more approachable. Not only does it make others feel more welcome, they will also find it easier to talk to you. If you have trouble keeping a natural smile up, smile briefly and then switch to a neutral expression. Avoid giggling, as it can come across as nervous or forced.

Stop imagining what other people are thinking

This is one of the main reasons why we get so self-conscious! When you focus on your qualities, and not how you appear to others, you will appear more confident.

Socialise more

Practice makes perfect. So, the more you go out and talk to new people, the more confident you will become over time. Set yourself personal goals on the number of new people you want to meet at each event. This way, you will soon get over your fear of challenging situations, and find it easier to talk to people.

Embrace your flaws

Be honest with yourself and accept that you have limitations, but also the fact that you possess some amazing qualities that others do not which makes you special and talented. If you’re struggling to do this, make a list of all your accomplishments, and constantly remind yourself about it. You’ll be surprised at how big the list really is!