How to earn with study


    Hello students/friends, would you like to earn besides study in a university? A great opportunity like this is offered by The University of Technology, Jamaica. This university usually offers a Earn and Study program for the students who want to earn with study.

    The program is scheduled easy by the university authority for the intended students so that it doesn’t conflict with class schedule. There are two options on this program to choose one from the followings:How to earn with study

    Option One (1): Semesters I and II

    • Opportunity to work for up to 24 hours per fortnight for full-time students
    • Opportunity to work for up to 48 hours per fortnight for part-time and specially approved students

    Or, there is another option to earn with study under the Earn and Study program here.

    Option Two (2): Summer Semester

    • All students work a forty-hour (40) work week.

    The application period for Earn and Study is as follows:

    Semesters I & II – August – September

    * Summer Semester – May – August

    Intended students have to apply by the application form following the requirements and by the scheduled time. To apply, go to the related page and follow the instructions.

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