RUET Student Discovered Electricity Saving Meter



RUET Student Discovered Electricity Saving Meter

Fourth year students of Mechatronics department at Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) KM Nazmul Hassan Sajib and Pritam Goswami discovered energy saving Meter using Intelligence Energy Management System (IEMS) technology to reduce power waste, meter reading, meter hacking and theft of electricity from the line.

The new Meters measure electricity consumption and it will measure progress over time for a variety of accessories (light, fan, TV, etc.). And the Meter will send data to the consumers and electricity producing firms through easy-to-use software. The two students presented that project at a press conference at the Central Cafeteria of Rajshahi University (RU).

At the press conference they said, the software will find-out, how the electricity bills will be lower for using electrical appliances, how much greenhouse gases being emitted from the industry or home and whether there are acceptable levels.

If I set that how much electricity I want to use then the electrical devices will use that amount of electricity through limit the load. This load control system can be run each way automatic and manual.

They said, this service can be availed through the Internet and mobile phone messages. Non-technical loss can be reduced by 15 percent by following this system only in the case of electricity. Through this the government can save about 1 billion taka, with 160 megawatts of electricity, which can be added to the main grid.

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