Start the process of giving loans to employers


In this, the lowest grade (grade 20) one employee is maximum of 12 lakh and one grade one officer can enjoy maximum loan of Tk 50 lakh. Apart from this, a group of 20 people has been given the provision of loan for the purchase of land. The eighth National Pay Scale The amount of land will be from minimum five kathas to maximum 20 kathas. The government’s decision to reduce the corruption in the public administration, if the government employees have the facility of housing loans, then the pay scale has been suggested.
In the light of the eighth National Pay Scale, the process of lending to the government workers’ home has started. The Cabinet Division constituted a committee headed by the high level government directive.
This committee will logically recommend housing loan and recommend it. The loan will be given in the light of that recommendation. At the end of the next fiscal year, the government wants to start this loan gradually, according to the high level sources said. On the eighth pay-scale, a government charity has been advised to loan up to Tk 50 lakh (grade -1) and minimum 12 lakh (grade-20) equivalent to 60-80 in bank rate (5% interest). On September 30, 1996, the amount of money for the construction of the house and the purchase of car loan was finalized for the last government service.
Under the 36-month basic salary, the maximum loan of 1 lakh 20 thousand taka for home construction loan and the maximum salary of 12 months is equal to 40 thousand taka. Apart from this, a maximum of 60 thousand taka is equal to 18 month’s salary for home repair.
The interest rate of these loans was 10 percent. Earlier, on October 20, 1990, a maximum of 80 thousand rupees was fixed in the construction of the house in the form of a 24-month basic salary. Cabinet Division and Ministry of Finance sources said, the recommendations of the eighth pay-scale on giving loans to housing construction made some analysis.
In this situation, the cabinet division was instructed to take initiative to finalize the land for the construction of government landlords from the government’s top level. In the light of that directive, the committee was formed last month by convening the Cabinet Division (coordination and reform).
In the committee, Additional Secretary of the Cabinet Division and Joint Secretary and the Dhaka Divisional Commissioner have been made members. Besides, representatives of the Public Administration, Finance and Public Works Ministry have been kept. An official concerned said, according to the recommendations of the eighth pay scale, this committee will recommend them. The finance ministry could not do the final thing even after a few phases. So this committee has been formed. It will not take any longer time.
There are directives to start this loan facility from the government’s top level in the coming fiscal year. Asked about the eighth pay commission’s chairman, former governor of Bangladesh Bank Mohammad Farashuddin told Khabar yesterday, the government has recommended the eighth pay-scale on housing loans for housing construction. There is nothing to say about this now. According to the eighth pay scale recommendation, an officer and employee will get loan equivalent to 60 to 80 months of house building loans. Accordingly, the maximum limit of the loan will be determined according to different grades.